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Geraldine Noel – Citywealth Powerwomen Award for 4th Year Running

Geraldine Noel – Citywealth Powerwomen Award for 4th Year Running

Geraldine Noel, Managing Partner of one of Malta’s leading legal, tax, fiduciary and accounting set of firms Acumum, has been honoured with a Citywealth Power Woman Award for a fourth consecutive year; a prestigious award that speaks volumes for Geraldine’s status as one of Europe’s finest lawyers and an influential figure in the world of law and finance.

What is the Citywealth Power Woman Awards?

citywealth award 2013The Citywealth Power Woman Awards comprises of a list of the top two-hundred most powerful women in the world of government, philanthropy, private wealth, education and private client advisory spheres, building a comprehensive database of inspirational role models for women across the globe.

Geraldine has commented, “I’m honoured to have been included in this list for the fourth consecutive year, accompanied by so many progressive and influential women.”

Citywealth’s Power Woman is defined as charismatic, results-oriented and kind, acting always with integrity and striving for excellence in every area of their work.

Acumum tailors its services to each individual and guarantees a superb client experience for all. It is this commitment to outstanding services, provided by seasoned professionals, that has catapulted Geraldine into the spotlight and made Acumum one of the go-to legal services providers in the country.

With Geraldine leading the way as Managing Partner, Acumum has also been honoured on the awards circuit over recent years, in 2015 picking up one of Malta’s Best-In-Business Awards in the Best Law Firm category.

Geraldine adds, “This last year has been a fantastic one not only for having been included on Citywealth’s Power Women Top 200, but it’s also been a fantastic year for Acumum as a firm. I’ll continue to strive for increasing business and accomplishment over the coming times, in my professional undertakings with Acumum, and as a ‘Power Woman”.

Acumum’s expertise includes:

About Acumum – Legal & Advisory

Acumum Legal & Advisory is a well-established set of multidisciplinary legal, tax, fiduciary and accounting firms located and managed in the tax efficient EU jurisdiction of Malta. It operates as a full service law firm with services including aviation, corporate formation, accounting, estate & wealth planning, taxation, intellectual property and more. The firm is overseen by Geraldine Noel, a British barrister – registered in Malta, working alongside an expert team of lawyers and accountants with extensive specialist commercial and private client expertise, particularly to an individual, corporate and clientèle.