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Corporate or Personal Tax Advice and Structuring
Advantageous – Compliant – Legitimate – Tax Minimisation

Tax Advice & Structuring

An ex-British colony, now legitimate EU country with 100% EU & OECD compliance, Malta is the obvious choice to start or relocate your business, structure or hold assets, royalties & intellectual property. Malta may be used in used alone or in combination with another jurisdiction, whether it be your home or a 0% tax jurisdiction.

  • Full imputation system and a refundable tax credit system – effective corporate tax rate of 5%
  • Shareholder dividend tax of 0%
  • Extensive – currently over 60 – double taxation treaties in force
  • 100% EC & OECD compliant and legitimate tax regime
  • 0% tax exemptions for IP royalties – patents and artistic copyright
  • No withholding taxes
  • A participating holdings tax exemption
  • Tax exemption from income derived by collective investment schemes
  • No transfer pricing regulations, or thin capitalisation rules
  • No anti-controlled foreign corporation legislation
  • Investment tax credits for investors and the film industry
  • 4 types of relief: double taxation treaty relief, commonwealth relief, unilateral relief, flat rate foreign tax
  • Advance rulings possible by the Malta Commissioner of Inland Revenue on international transactions, guaranteeing the tax situation for a minimum of five years – renewable for a further five year period

Limited Company – Tax Advantages

The company limited by shares is by far the most popular, tax efficient and flexible type of corporate organisation, not only in Malta but internationally.

As in other jurisdictions, any liability of the shareholders is limited to the value of their shares, providing comfort to such shareholders not matter what business venture that may be pursued.

Benefits of a Malta Limited Company

Full imputation system with possibility of shareholders claiming the appropriate refund and reducing income tax on their dividends by 6/7ths to an effective tax rate of 5%.
No withholding tax on company dividend, interest or  royaltiesShare capital in any currency
Transfer of shares normally tax exempt for non-residents if Malta company owns no immovable property in MaltaLow VAT rate & simplified VAT registration
No restriction of ownership or transfer of immovable property outside of MaltaRe-domiciliation both in and out of Malta allowed
Licensed operations, such as financial & investment services, can offer their services in other EU statesIndefinite carry forward of trading losses
No transfer pricing rulesNo thin capitalisation rules
Generous tax rebates and investment schemes offered by Malta Government and EU

Directorship & Company Secretarial

A one person Malta company is allowed, along with a Company Secretary who must be a natural person. Acumum can provide Company Secretarial services and act as Directors, as well as provide a registered office address.

Low Regulatory Fees

The one – off fee payable to the Registrar of Companies upon incorporation is € 245.

The minimum authorised share capital that must be subscribed is €1,200 of which at least 20% must be paid up, so that €240 need be deposited into a bank account.

For companies subscribed to the minimum share capital, the Annual Return, which must be submitted each year detailing any changes to the companies’ capital structure, shareholders or officials is only €100.

Tax Advantages for Malta Holding Companies

Shares, money, IP, real estate, personal items – any asset – can be held by a tax efficient Malta Holding Company, protecting such assets from creditors.

Tax advantages include 0% income tax on dividends received from (as well as 0% tax on capital gains from sale of) a ‘participating holding’ – a subsidiary where it holds:

  • 10% of equity
  • investment of €1.164M for more than 183 days
  • 0% capital gains on disposal.
  • 5% tax relief levied on profits paid to shareholders via a dividend from non participating holdings.
  • For IPs not within Malta’s royalty exemption a 10% tax on passive income will be applied, which can be further reduced by the flat rate foreign tax credit (‘FRFTC’) to 6.25%.

Malta Double Taxation Agreements

Malta is a signatory to over 70 double taxation agreements (DTAs) and counting.

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