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Malta Eu Permanent ResidencyMalta Permanent
Residency & Visa Programme

Malta’s Permanent Residency and Visa programme provides a cost effective basis permanent residency can be achieved, subject to due diligence checks and adherence to the rules of the programme.

In return for a one time payment of €30,000, which covers the entire family, an investment of €250,000 for a 5 year period and the lease of purchase of property, you and your family can achieve EU permanent residency with the right to reside in Malta and travel visa free throughout the whole of the EU.

  • Visa-free travel within EU Schengen area
  • Visa – free travel throughout 168 countries
  • Right to reside indefinitely in Malta
  • No minimum tax liability
  • Investment required only for first 5 years
  • No minimum residency required
  • Tax only on Malta source income & remitted income


Eligibility & Dependants
Third country nationals (non – EU/EEA/Swiss citizens) with a main applicant over 18 years of age. Dependants who maybe included in application  and may include the following dependants, who must be dependent on main applicant and not economically active:

  • Spouse / Partner
  • Children under 18 years
  • Mentally or physically disabled children over 18 years
  • Parents
  • Grandparents

Dependants must be dependent on main applicant and not economically active:

Financial Commitment

A one – time payment of €30,000, which covers the entire family.

A non refundable fee of €5,500 is paid upon application, the remaining €24,500 contribution to the Maltese Government is only paid once a letter of Approval is issued and the main applicant and his/her family has been accepted onto the programme.

Income or Capital Assets Requirement
The main applicant must have stable and regular source of income, so as not to have need of Malta’s social system.

As evidenced in an affidavit, the main applicant must have a stable and regular income of either:

(i) an annual income of €I00,000, OR

(ii) capital assets of €500,000 or more.

Investment – 5 years

Investment in secure Maltese Government bonds of €250,000 – returned after 5 years.

Malta Property – Purchase or Lease

For 5 year period:

Purchase of property – North of Malta €320,000 / South of Malta or Gozo €270,00; or

Rental for 5 years – North of Malta €12,000 / South of Malta or Gozo €10,000.

Taxation – Permanent Residents

Permanent residents are not subject to tax in Malta on

  • foreign sourced income not remitted to Malta; or
  • foreign-sourced capital gains – even if remitted to Malta.

Permanent Residents are taxed at the flat rate of 15% on remitted income. Income arising in Malta to a permanent residence is subject to tax at 35%.

Tax Residence Certificate

Malta permanent residents of Malta may obtain, through a separate process, formal confirmation of their tax residence status in Malta.

Acumum’s Services

As lawyers and tax accountants, we are also registered mandatory and accredited agent, we are licensed to manage all Maltese citizenship and residency programmes.

We have clients who have successfully applied to all Maltese citizenship and residency programmes, including:

Malta Citizenship

Malta’s highly attractive Citizenship by Investment is an excellent way to secure you and your family’s future

Global Residency Programme

With an application fee of €6,000 and a yearly tax payment of €15,000, Malta’s Global Residency Programme is an excellent way to achieve Maltese / EU residency with attractive tax benefits.