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Intellectual Property Management – IP Outsourcing

Leveraging an existing IP legal practice, Acumum operates near-shore support teams that absorb time-consuming functions at every stage of the IP lifecycle, thereby allowing clients to both reduce costs and refocus internal resources on higher order objectives.

Managed by experienced IP attorneys, Acumum’s IP outsourcing platform assists corporations and law firms from creation through commercialization and litigation.

Client Benefits
  • Right-size IP prosecution & management costs
  • Optimize IP value and risk management using flexible near-shore resources
  • Free in-house resources to concentrate on executing IP strategy


  • Patents

From researching and prosecuting patent applications, to managing patent portfolios, to policing patent rights and litigating infringements, our IP support teams can incorporate outsourcing solutions across the board.

  • Novelty & Patentability Research
  • Patent Landscape Reports
  • Freedom-to-Operate/Right to Use Assessments
  • Patent Prosecution Administrative Support
  • Patent Proofing
  • Patent Translations
  • Patent Renewals
  • Patent Monitoring/Surveillance
  • Patent Litigation Support


  • Trademarks

Acumum provide near-shore outsourcing solutions that promote and protect brand reputation through powerful yet cost-effectively outsourcing solutions. Our IP support teams deliver the resource muscle to research, acquire, manage and police trademark rights.

  • Trademark search and clearance services
  • Transliteration
  • Trademark renewals
  • Trademark infringement monitoring
  • Preparing ‘Cease & Desist’ letters
  • Trademark defense support
  • Trademark portfolio audits


  • Design & Copyright

Acumum implements outsourcing solutions for securing, managing and defending design rights and copyrights.

  • Copyright, database & design registrations and management
  • Infringement monitoring
  • Litigation support


  • Domain Searches & Registration



  • Royalty & License Audits


If you would like more information as to how Acumum’s skilled associates can provide you with cost effective near-shore LPO solutions, please contact us:, or contact Geraldine Noel directly:, Malta Office +356 2778 1700 Ext. 101