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– An Integrated, Independent, 360 Approach – 

Effective management of family office and wealth services encompasses a range of issues related not only to feet resting on a tree trunk during fall when the leaves are tur business aims, but also to personal and family goals.

Wealthy families often consider establishing a family office to manage their many investment, reporting, philanthropic and financial planning responsibilities.

Holistic & Sustainable Structuring

Properly structuring and staffing a family office and wealth structure requires an analysis of tax and governance considerations, juxtaposed with a thorough understanding of the family’s short and long term business and professional goals and objectives.

Family office and wealth structures and platforms must  be based upon a holistic and sustainable planning and objectives, so as to withstand change – both within the family, as well as the wider world.

We are recognised for our ability to deploy cross border platforms and structures

With a well established department, created to manage family wealth structures, Acumum’s partners and staff can provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to the provision of services to families

Acumum’s services include:

  • Legal, Compliance & Accounting Services
  • Net Worth Management
  • Risk Management
  • Tax & Structure Planning
  • Estate & Succession Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Governance & Education
  • Adviser Coordination
  • 3rd Party Referral Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Consolidated Reporting – Bankable & non-Bankable Assets
  • Trust & Foundation Accounting & Maintenance of Asset Ledgers
  • Ongoing Management

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