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Back Office Support for Law Firms

Acumum furnishes law firms with administrative teams staffed with experienced, multilingual, legal associates & paralegals, helping to streamline internal operations and reduce the cost of law practice support activities.

Utilising Malta’s highly qualified and multilingual legal & corporate professionals, Acumum provides outsourcing via a near-shore jurisdiction.  Our legal associates can assist with:

  • Law library management
  • Business research
  • Manning enquiry/front desks
  • Document/file management
  • Knowledge management
  • Supporting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & other marketing functionalities
  • Time recording & billing upkeep
  • Case or practice management support, including transcription  deposition summarization

In addition, our accounting department can assist in the management of not only billing, but also costs control, payroll, as well as other value added services to your clients such as:

  • Accounting / IP / Royalty audits
  • Payroll
  • Management accounting

If you would like more information as to how Acumum’s skilled associates can provide you with cost effective near-shore LPO solutions, please contact us:, or contact Geraldine Noel directly:, Malta Office +356 2778 1700 Ext. 101