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Malta Barristers Chambers

Associated with Acumum is Vitoria International Chambers, a Barristers Chambers registered with the General Council of the Bar of England & Wales, located in Malta, UK and at The Hague.

What is a Barristers Chambers?

Specialised court advocates – ‘barristers’ – operate on an independent, collective, basis in what are called ‘Chambers’.

The independence of a barrister is ensured by the fact that they operate on a self-employed basis and take client work directly, as opposed to being part of a structure such as a law firm, and as such work is never delegated to another individual – resulting in a barrister providing dedicated client attention at competitive rates.

Barristers may represent clients before all courts and tribunals of England and Wales and via reciprocity agreements before most courts and tribunals in most Commonwealth (offshore), as well as international jurisdictions.

Malta Barrister Chambers

What Services Can a Barrister Provide?

Barristers are at the forefront of international litigation and arbitration matters, ranging from matters before the European Court of Human Rights, the Privy Council to cases before the International Court of Justice, the courts of the European Union, as well as international arbitrations.

At all stages a barrister will give objective and independent advice as to the prospects of success, what evidence is necessary to prove their client’s case and will identify any weaknesses in the case. A barrister will advise on strategy, drawing upon his or her considerable experience of litigation and arbitration from the outset.

As learned counsel, barristers are independent lawyers, highly trained in the law and legal procedures, often called to assist clients in more specialised and complex matters, which may include:

  • Representation before Courts & Arbitration Tribunals
  • Legal Opinions – both contentious & non-contentious matters
  • Provision of Conferences
  • Negotiate Settlements
  • Commissioner for Oaths

What is a Legal Opinion?

A Legal Opinion, also known as ‘Counsel’s Opinions’, are written ‘opinions’ on the law, following detailed consideration of a client’s matter – both from a legal and procedural viewpoint.  Counsel’s Opinions are often a prerequisite in certain circumstances such as insurance matters.

Dual Legal Opinions – BREXIT

In respect of our barristers who are registered or licensed in both Malta and the UK, we can provide dual legal opinions; this is particularly relevant to British companies looking to utilise Malta’s benefits.

By providing dual Malta – UK legal opinions, comfort can be given, as part of good Corporate Governance, to Boards of Directors and shareholders as justification as to a Board’s decision.

Counsel’s Opinions Are Often Sought:

  • Before litigation is pursued in order to determine the strengths and / or weaknesses of a case;
  • In order to determine the strengths and / weakness of a defence
  • As a compulsory requirement by some industries i.e. insurance
  • As part of good practice or as a safeguard – i.e. to confirm, or not, a course of action, particularly in relation to Corporate Governance matters, such as confirming a decision, or a direction of a Board of Directors

Expert Witnesses

Being independent and objective, barristers are often instructed to give expert evidence in foreign courts and tribunals on UK, EU, Commonwealth as well as International law.

Members of Chambers

In today’s world of heavy compliance and regulation, barristers exercise a special position in the provision of independent advice and legal services.

Barristers located in Malta include:

Dr Andreas O’Shea – Head of Chambers

Geraldine Noel

To contact members of Chambers, please contact Geraldine Noel directly on: