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CHOGM 2015 Agenda

to be held in Malta

0930-1030 Opening Ceremony: Adding Global Value – Creating a More Prosperous Commonwealth
Formal opening of the Commonwealth Business Forum 2015
Keynote Address: Hon Joseph Muscat MP, Prime Minister of Malta
1030-1100 Networking Break
1100-1230 Advancing Trade: The Commonwealth, The European Union and Regional Integration
Opportunities for increasing intra-Commonwealth trade and investment, and Malta’s role
as a gateway for accessing markets in the European Union and Mediterranean.
1230-1400 Networking Lunch
1400-1530 Technology for Growth
The role of technology in creating jobs, growth and changing the way we live and do
business. Looking at ways to encourage innovation and promote start-ups across
the Commonwealth.
Small Economies Global Innovators Financing Commonwealth Trade

1530-1600 Networking Break
1600-1730 Destination Malta: Creating a Trade Hub for the EU, Middle East and Africa
The opportunity for Malta to become a regional and global trade hub building on its assets
such as its geostrategic position, historical links, global Diaspora, flexible legislative
environment and its wealth of expertise.
Next Generation Entrepreneurs Technology for Sustainable Cities

1800-1900 Reception
1900-2100 Gala Dinner
Hosted by: Hon Joseph Muscat MP, Prime Minister of Malta

WEDNESDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2015 0900-1030

Financial services for Growth

Examining the demands on financial services in ensuring the recovery, preventing another crisis and enhancing resilience, as well as highlighting the critical role of the financial services industry in creating prosperity across the Commonwealth.

1030-1100 Networking Break

1100-1230 Infrastructure for Growth Looking at ways to overcome the impediments to investment in infrastructure and attract new sources of long term capital into the sector. Innovation in Financial Services Supporting the Blue Economy

1230-1400 Networking Lunch

1400-1530 CommonHealth for Future Prosperity Harnessing the Commonwealth’s diverse experience and expertise in the healthcare sector to improve the performance of national health systems and businesses. Access to Finance: Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure for Small States the SME Journey

1530-1600 Networking Break

1600-1730 Tourism for Growth Analysing the success of the tourism industry in Malta and lessons that can be learnt by and from other Commonwealth countries, with a particular focus on supporting indigenous tourism businesses. CommonHealth Interaction Project Financing Workshop

1730-2000 Reception


2015 0900-1000 Improving the Business Environment for Growth How can the Commonwealth help to make doing business easier? This session will look at opportunities for improving the ease of doing business within the Commonwealth and improving social outcomes. Focus on the Caribbean Invest in: Led by visiting Head of Government 1000-1100 Energy Security and Sustainability for Growth How can the Commonwealth collaborate to ensure its citizens and businesses have access to affordable, sustainable and reliable sources of energy? Focus on Asia Invest in: Led by visiting Head of Government

1100-1130 Networking Break

1130-1230 A Commonwealth Vision for Sustainable Growth How can the Commonwealth work together to promote sustainable growth, economic development and ensure the benefits are shared by all. Focus on Africa Invest in: Led by visiting Head of Government

1230-1300 Concluding Session Keynote address by visiting Head of Government

1300-1400 Concluding Networking Lunch

1400-1500 Prime Minister’s Roundtable with Heads of Government