Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Our seasoned, internationally experienced – USA, UK, EU, Malta & Asia – professionals in the fields of law, tax, corporate, audit and accounting can offer added value LPO services to your organisation.

Obvious Choice – with English being one of the official languages of Malta and a highly educated and skilled workforce, Acumum in Malta is an obvious choice to assist you or your department.

Our industry support services and the technology that we use are carefully designed to satisfy quality, confidentiality, tax, accounting and ethical considerations – we comply with the American Bar Association (ABA) standards.

Cost Effective – we pass on significant cost savings to you due to Malta’s relatively lower labour costs. Acumum’s industry support services can be retained on a one off project, or continual basis.

Services we can offer:

Law Firms

• Due Diligence – M & A, Sale, Purchase of lines of business or entities

• Litigation Support

• Document Review

• E-discovery

In House Legal Departments

In addition to the types of services provided to Law Firms, we offer In-House Legal Depts:

•  Advice & drafting of commercial and corporate agreements – IT, IP, corporate, purchase, sale, etc.

•  Corporate Governance assistance

•  Restructuring

•  Sarbanes Oxley, UK Anti – Bribery, Patriot, FCPA & FATCA compliance

•  Intellectual Property – creation & maintenance of IP portfolios

•  Export control regulations

•  Privacy & Data Protection

HR Departments

Examples of the services we offer to HR departments:

• Consultancy – HR best practice process compliance

• Privacy & data protection

• Litigation & settlement

• Share, options and benefits

• Employment & policy drafting: handbook, employee, director & contractor service agreements, UK anti bribery, FCPA, whistle-blower, data retention, equality policies.

Bribery, Risk, AML & Compliance

Specifically for: Gaming / Banking / Financial / Credit Institutions

• Anti – Money laundering & Know Your Customer (KYC) best practices

• Developing & maintenance of manuals

• Sarbanes Oxley, UK Anti – Bribery, Patriot, FCPA, FATCA compliance

• Risk and compliance audits

• Reconciling EU, US & Asian standards.

If you would like to have more information in how Acumum can assist you, please contact us.